Turkey Talk

Sorry for the long break! The holidays have gotten time away from me…and a little away from the Nuggies as well, judging by the tragic loss to the Clippers.

Take solace in the decisive wins that have taken place since. We made the Timberwolves howl and handed it to the Nets (and let’s be serious, the only that would’ve been more depressing that the loss to the Clips would’ve been a loss to the Nets. That would’ve handed us our pride in a puddle.

That doesn’t make too much sense, however, this is sort of an off-the-cuff, less planned sorta post. Mostly to say that, I do intend to keep this going, for all my fine feathered fans, and I will resume, with my normal incisive wit and sharp basketballian analysis.

After the turkey coma.

Until we meet again, my pretties.


3 responses to “Turkey Talk

  1. I can only come to one conclusion; that your lack of blogging led the Nuggets to loose to the T-Wolves. . . they’ll be lucky if they win ten games all season, and the Nuggets lost to them on our HOME COURT nonetheless. You need to start blogging again!!!!

  2. Heard a rumor about a new blog today, musta been a falsehood

  3. Ha ha ha, remember when this blog was updated? that was a good one

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